ULNA A/S is a Norwegian owned corporation that is operating in the preschool sector*. As of date we run and own 15 preschools in Norway as well as 12 in Sweden and 1 in Germany. The corporation is designed with the intent of serving all core functions within its entity – a professional and experienced leadership who conduct planning and make informed decisions, a marketing- and economy section, and of course a section of professional preschool teachers who can provide quality assurance in every school/center.

ULNA has experience and knowledge in taking over existing preschools as well as establishing new ones. We wish to establish ourselves in new markets and expand in current ones. The Scandinavian market is at the forefront in childcare and preschool education and we believe this experience is a valuable asset while exploring and entering foreign markets. ULNA is an energetic company that continuously seeks challenges domestically as well as abroad. If you wish to contact us regarding business opportunities please press the “Contact” tab and send us an e-mail or give us a phone call.

* There are many different terms such as daycare, nursery schools or kindergarten. Primarily we are referring to children between ages 1-6, and/or before traditional statutory education. We believe preschool defines us the closest since our main mission is to prepare children for school and later stages of childhood by using clearly defined and accepted methods of teaching and care.

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